My Penis is now a “Grabby Nominated” Penis.

The nominations for the 2015 Grabby Awards came out yesterday and I was nominated for “Hottest Cock.”

I was also happy to see that Titanmen scored 33 total nominations, my friends and scene partners Nick Prescott and Hunter Marx both nominated for Best Actor.


I did a scene with Hunter Marx in the new Titanmen movie Friends With Benefits.

I was also in a scene with Nick Prescott in Fast Paced.

You can see all of my scenes here…

But here’s a bunch of my… award nominated dick. Haha…


My Newest Scene with Hunter Marx

My newest scene from the movie Friends With Benefits is out on Titanmen now.

It’s also On Sale on DVD at the Titanmen DVD store.


Hunter is very handsome. Big and hairy. He also has a very big cock but he’s one of the nicest men I’ve met in or out of porn. I thought when I saw his picture that he would be a bit mean lol but he has a very gentle voice and gave me a hug and a kiss when we met. I liked that. He was like having a gigantic teddy bear with you.

this is what Titan says about the scene…

“As he follows George Ce up the stairs, Hunter Marx smiles as he wraps his arms around the muscle man. George arches back for a kiss, the two soon shedding their shirts. George’s uncut rod is quickly inside Hunter’s mouth, the sucker teasing the foreskin with his tongue. Hunter goes to the root, George face fucking him and leaning down for a kiss. Hunter spits on it, a gob falling to the floor. George grabs the tent building in Hunter’s pants, his big cock released.


George takes it all, looking up at Hunter as he worships it. They kiss, their cocks grazing before George turns around. Hunter plows him from behind, the bottom’s muscle ass rippling. The top varies his pace as he goes balls deep, George gripping the railing. George sits on the top, his pecs twitching as he bounces. He gets on his back, jacking and squirting as he gets fucked. Hunter then unleashes hot white wads that land on George’s cock and hairy pec in a memorable climax.”

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Hans Berlin and Me in House Rules

We had fun shooting this but the part up on the granite counter was one of the most intense hip-flexer workouts I did in a long time. Balancing up there was hard haha.

Hans did a HUGE cumshot over his shoulder. It was all over the place.


Here is what Titan wrote about it.

George Ce reaches for his box of belongings on his way out—but is pulled in by Hans Berlin. Hans slides his fingers inside the pocket of George’s jeans, the two suddenly kissing. Hans rubs the muscle stud’s body and works up George’s growing bulge. “Is that really what you want?” asks George, his uncut slab soon bouncing in Hans’ smiling face. He opens wide to take the thick piece, the two soon switching positions after a kiss.

George engulfs Hans’ veiny, uncut shaft—caught beautifully in side shots. Hans puts his hands behind George’s head and fucks his face, the two kissing again as their cocks meet. George buries his stubbly chin inside Hans’ hole, Hans then arching his back as he gets rammed from behind. The two mount the kitchen counter for more. On his back, Hans strokes as he gets reamed—a huge load flying over his shoulder to the ground. George comes, their hands soon stacked atop each other in a romantic closing shot.



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Making Fast Paced

Here is a fast clip from making the movie Fast Paced. I had not met Nick Prescott before so I was excited to get my hands on him. He is solid and ripped with so much sexual energy I got turned on just by touching him.

When we take our still pictures, that’s when we get to know each other. Get connected and let the tension build. It is best to ramp up that before you start to shoot your porn movie.

Watch the whole movie at Titanmen here.

Also look after the jump for all the pictures that got taken.
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My new scene with Nick Prescott in Fast Paced

I was really glad to finally get to do a scene with the other Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott. He’s very hot. I love his short clipped beard and just how intense he is.


Here’s the scene description from Titan…

Nick Prescott rests on the couch, his head in the lap of muscular George Ce—who is quickly distracted from his book by Nick’s furry chest. Nick wakes from his slumber, rubbing George’s massive body. They kiss, Nick gripping George’s pec and planting his mouth on the hunk’s growing jean bulge. Nick soon opens wide to take in the thick rocket, George guiding the sucker’s head down with his hands. George slides his hand inside Nick’s shorts, rubbing his ass.

They kiss, Nick’s giant tent pole ready to pop. George releases the stiff-as-steel shaft and sucks it deep, Nick whipping it on his face before sucking him back. George eats Nick’s hairy hole and strokes the stud’s boner, his own cock throbbing.

George fucks him fast from behind, Nick breathing heavy as his eyes roll up in his head. Nick gets on his back, his legs held up in the air as the top plunge fucks him from above before getting him flat on his back—an aerial shot looking down at Nick’s defined abs and George’s hot cum gutters before they shoot.


Click here to see it at Titanmen.

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when George Met Nick

I shot with Nick Prescott today. He’s hot, he’s a bit scruffy and he’s a nasty, dirty, bad boy.

I like that.

When I was going to do my still shots I said I wanted him to help me get hard and he got an evil smile and pulled me behind the reflector so we could have some “alone time” together. Jasun shot this video but I was barely aware that it was being shot at all. Nick’s evil smile while he sucked my dick and looked up at my eyes made me forget that there was anyone else in the room.

So we shot a scene together today and I gave him a good hard fuck. He gets an amazing look on his face when I hit the right spots. Hope we get to work together again.

See Nick’s blog here.

See his scenes at Titanmen here

Back On Set…

It’s been almost a year since the time I last shot with Titanmen. Last time was my scene in Wide Awake with Adam Champ. This time was it was again Jasun Mark directing me, this time with Hunter Marx.

Don’t know when this one will be out but hope you like what you see so far…