My Penis is now a “Grabby Nominated” Penis.

The nominations for the 2015 Grabby Awards came out yesterday and I was nominated for “Hottest Cock.”

I was also happy to see that Titanmen scored 33 total nominations, my friends and scene partners Nick Prescott and Hunter Marx both nominated for Best Actor.


I did a scene with Hunter Marx in the new Titanmen movie Friends With Benefits.

I was also in a scene with Nick Prescott in Fast Paced.

You can see all of my scenes here…

But here’s a bunch of my… award nominated dick. Haha…


Making Fast Paced

Here is a fast clip from making the movie Fast Paced. I had not met Nick Prescott before so I was excited to get my hands on him. He is solid and ripped with so much sexual energy I got turned on just by touching him.

When we take our still pictures, that’s when we get to know each other. Get connected and let the tension build. It is best to ramp up that before you start to shoot your porn movie.

Watch the whole movie at Titanmen here.

Also look after the jump for all the pictures that got taken.
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when George Met Nick

I shot with Nick Prescott today. He’s hot, he’s a bit scruffy and he’s a nasty, dirty, bad boy.

I like that.

When I was going to do my still shots I said I wanted him to help me get hard and he got an evil smile and pulled me behind the reflector so we could have some “alone time” together. Jasun shot this video but I was barely aware that it was being shot at all. Nick’s evil smile while he sucked my dick and looked up at my eyes made me forget that there was anyone else in the room.

So we shot a scene together today and I gave him a good hard fuck. He gets an amazing look on his face when I hit the right spots. Hope we get to work together again.

See Nick’s blog here.

See his scenes at Titanmen here

Back On Set…

It’s been almost a year since the time I last shot with Titanmen. Last time was my scene in Wide Awake with Adam Champ. This time was it was again Jasun Mark directing me, this time with Hunter Marx.

Don’t know when this one will be out but hope you like what you see so far…

The First Still Shoot

The first day of production for the first scene from Paul Wilde’s new movie Strobe, the guys were working with two “new” guys.

While Samuel Colt is one of the biggest gay porn stars of the last 10 years, arguable ever, but this was his first appearance in a Titanmen movie. George Ce had also appeared in a handful of scenes a while back but this was his first work in a “big” movie.

Story from the set is that while the guys prepared to get their stills taken, Sam and George were all over each other, getting revved up for the camera.And I do mean big.

But when George dropped his pants, the whole room went silent… even Sam was at a loss for words.


While this isn’t part of the scene, here’s some candid shots taken of the guys as they “get to know each other.”

Must be hard work…

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